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First Thoughts on the Ouya

Even while many Kickstarter backers are still waiting for their new Ouya consoles to be delivered I strolled into a nearby Game and picked one up. In the box was a controller and the shiny little cube of the Ouya. … Continue reading

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You’re Only as Good as Your Team: Lessons from New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer must be the most addictive mobile game ever created. I’ve had it installed on 3 devices and maxed out my character on each one. The idea is simple; take the role of an aspiring football star and … Continue reading

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Series Blog: Hemlock Grove – Episode 1

A weird gothic fairytale, made gruesome by Hostel’s Eli Roth. Not something I’d usually tune in for but Netflix’s impressive House of Cards run had me thinking twice. House of Cards was adult, cinematic, not bound by the usual restrictions … Continue reading

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Jenny Ringo

Just a quick note to tell you all about a fantastic new character filmmaker Chris Regan has created called Jenny Ringo. She’s a feisty witch who gets into scrapes with her slacker flatmate and Chris has already completed one short … Continue reading

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Getting Into a Better, More Enjoyable Groove

Thanks to recent events my writing has been a bit stop-start. In short, June was a shit month that knocked me down a bit and I have since failed to recover my ‘Hour a Day’ routine that I had diligently … Continue reading

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Getting Back into the Groove

Like my last post, this is going to be one of those ‘man, I’ve just been far too busy to even think about blogging’ updates. I put this mainly down to starting a new job which has disrupted my writing … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up To.. In the Form of Links

For some reason I’ve been very busy over the last week or so.  Usually I keep a rather mundane routine of day job and writing but a lot of social things suddenly grouped themselves together to suck up my month’s … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain Leaves You With a Heavy Soul

Old news, but the PS3 game Heavy Rain is amazing, fully deserved of its recent slew of BAFTA game nominations. The tag ‘interactive movie’ is usually a bit of a turn-off for gamers but, for me, Heavy Rain was a … Continue reading

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Mission to Mars (OK, London)

Last Friday was the first meeting for the runners-up of the Red Planet Prize in the fair city of London.  It was a chance for everyone to bask in the greatness of Tony Jordan, meet the people behind Red Planet … Continue reading

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The Red Planet Prize

Last year I got a fantastic early Christmas present – I found out I was a runner-up in the Red Planet Prize.  The RPP is a yearly screenwriting competition run by the legendary Tony Jordan and Red Planet Pictures, in … Continue reading

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