New Year, New Blog

As you can see, Reelcitizen is in the middle of a New Year make over.  This is because I’m trying to shift my spare time to concentrate on screenwriting rather than film criticism.  While being a part-time critic meant I got to see some cool movies, go to some cool festivals and meet some cool people, it was never going to turn into a proper career and was really a way of dodging actually sitting down and writing films.

So rather than a portfolio of my writing assignments I hope the site will be a more casual blog discussing screenwriting from (yet another) wannabe writer.

CUT TO: Next entry, April 25th, went to Cornwall, it was nice.

Anyway, for nostalgia reasons my old reviews and interviews can be found at

The Old Reelcitizen

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  1. Matt says:

    Good work on the new site!

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